April 15, 2015

"Bob from Bob and Charlie's Appliance Service saved the day today when he quickly troubleshot and repaired the dishwasher in our vacation rental. Being it is a vacation rental issues have to be resolved quickly. Bob was courteous, efficient and prompt the total opposite of a different repairman that showed up earlier. Thank you Bob!"
January 6, 2015

"Today I had my third excellent service experience with Bob and Charlie's. The first experience was when my refrigerator was overheating, and I was fearing it would catch on fire, as some internet posts relayed reports of with Kenmore fridges. A very competent, friendly professional service man came and vacuumed out a decade or more of giant dust bunnies from under the appliance, that we're clogging, or stopping the fan. He explained the mechanisms that prevent it from igniting in flame. He also educated me on the care and cleaning to keep me from having to call them again. I was very grateful and pleased with their service. Second was when some crucial part wore out in my Kenmore dryer. B & C's sent a technician out who honestly informed me that the machine's functioning life was now over. They came all the way out to Eldorado, and waived the service fees entirely. Third wonderful experience was today's. A very professional, competent, helpful Technician named Mundo (meaning everything) came out, and replaced the clock in my Kenmore electric oven. If I'd known it was that simple, I would have had the repair immediately. Instead I lived on crockpot soups with no oven for almost 2 years. Crazy! Every time I've called, I've been greeted with immediate answers, estimates, respect, and professionalism. This time they ordered the part, quoted the price, and called and scheduled the job today, before I even bothered to schedule it. Mundo came, installed the part, swept the unsightly dust from behind the stove, safely and properly cleaned and reinstalled the digital face of the control panel. He let me scrub down the sides of the range, and tested to be sure the oven and broiler work, with the new clock installed. I can honestly say their work ethic inspires me. It is my experience that these are people I can rely upon. My sense is that their priority is always to get the job done, in the most efficient, professional way. They value service, people, and professionalism. Their prices seem fair. I live that they treat me like they want to win my trusted service, in the long run, rather than some service technicians who seem like getting the most money out of you the fastest is their top priority. I highly recommend these service professionals. If you are watching your budget carefully, and the prospect of having to shell out a thousand bucks for a new appliance intimidates and hassles you, I think the honesty, integrity, and professionalism of this dependable team with immediate solutions, repair skills, and direct answers, in it for you, and the long haul, will bring you relief, ease your weary mind and sooth your breathing. This has been my experience consistently! Thank for coming through for us, once again! Truly, Jen!"
June 23, 2014

"Over the phone consultation saved me big bucks! I will definitely call them again. My refrigerator was running all the time and it felt hot. They asked me to check the fan. Sure enough a piece of packing foam was stuck in the fan!"
January 16, 2013

"Bob and Charlie's is who I call EVERY TIME I have a problem. The first time I called them I had a problem with my Sub Zero. While it wasn't cheap, parts for Sub Zeros aren't cheap. The second time I called was for my dishwasher. The great thing about Bob and Charlie's is that usually they can come the same day. Sure enough, my dishwasher was fixed and I was a happy customer. The third time was for my oven. The heating element on the bottom went out. It was a Friday when the man came and saw that I needed a heating element. He ordered it and it was INSTALLED the next Wednesday (they are quick). So I have used them MANY times. The people they have working for them are nice and always clean up after themselves if they make a mess. I highly recommend this company!"
February 16, 2011

"I've been calling them for years. They always give me the best options for the money. Great local service."
Bob & Charlies Appliance Service